US Muslims Call on Mosques to Take Part in National Khutba Day

A grassroots effort focused on uplifting the voices of Muslim voters in the 2016 election cycle is calling on Mosques and Imams across the USA to be part of a National Khutba (speech) Day this coming Friday 7th October.

The #MyMuslimVote charity is running a campaign that encourages Mosques and Imams to deliver a Khutba at Friday congregational prayers focussed specifically on the importance of voting in the upcoming general election and to highlight the importance of political engagement and participation.


With the tagline ‘From the Minbar to the Polls’ this initiative is hoping to encourage Mosques, faith leaders and the diverse American Muslim community to take part in the upcoming general elections and cast their vote for the next President.

In arguably the most important Presidential elections in recent history and with the kind of political rhetoric being spouted by certain candidates against minority communities, the need for all communities to take an active role in the political sphere has never been more important.

To help Mosques engage with this initiative, the ‘Rock the Muslim Vote‘ organisation has provided a sample khutba and khutba talking points to help frame the conversation and ensure the message is delivered.

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