UK Muslims Celebrate Eid and Remember Alan Henning

Over the weekend of the 4th and 5th October 2014, Muslim communities all over the UK came together to celebrate Eid ul Adha, which marks the 10th Day of the month of Hajj and is centred around the notion of sacrifice and forgiveness.

alanAs the Muslim Community stood in congregational morning prayers, the occassion was unfortunatley marred by the very sad news of Alan Henning’s murder. Alan Henning was a true friend of the Muslim Community and sacrificed his time, effort and family for humanitarian efforts in Syria and Iraq.

The entire Muslim Community of the UK were saddened to hear of his murder and Mosque Leaders from around the country made an effort to remember his sacrifice in their Eid Khutbah’s.

The Eid Khutbah is a powerful platform to express the collective revulsion and disgust of this barbaric and criminal act. Imams Online asked the leaders of Masjids – Imams and Khateebs to:

1) Use the Eid Khutbah to express the Muslim Communites dismay at the news.

2) To Send its heartfelt prayers to Alan’s Family

3) To continue to speak out against inhumanity and brutality in all forms

One shining example of the Muslim Community coming together during Eid was seen at Leeds Makkah Mosque which saw over 1000 worshippers pray for both Alan Henning and for Peace in the world. Click here to see the report.

The Muslim Community continues to stand united on this issue. Religious leaders from across the Muslim World have taken a stance against these injustices.

Your leadership and fortitude is required at these most sensitive times. We must remain united and vocal in our condemnation of brutality.

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The Team at Imams Online hopes you had a Great Eid. Eid Mubarak!

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