UK Mosques Request Prayers for Humanitarians at Friday Congregations

Mosques from around the UK will be making a special request of their congregations this Friday to pray for the safety and success of humanitarian and relief work efforts and for all the victims of injustice and brutality following the murder of British Aid Worker David Haines.

Following the distressing news of David Haines and with concern for second Briton Alan Henning, Mosques leaders from around the UK have come together to urge their congregations to hold strong to the true principles of Islam which compels them to stand united and speak out against injustice and brutality.

It is in holding true to this core principle of the faith that Mosques from around the UK will be requesting special prayers for these victims during Friday Congregational Prayers. It is an opportunity for Muslims of the UK to show that they stand firmly with the victims of these heinous crimes and continue to support the efforts made by all humanitarian workers who sacrifice so much in order to help the displaced and the desperate.


Examples of Humanitarian Efforts working in Iraq and Syria include The DEC and its participating Member Charities:

Plan,  Save the Children, Oxfam, Cafod, British Red Cross, Christian Aid, Tearfund,  Age International,  Islamic Relief,  World Vision,  Concern Worldwide,  Care,  Action Aid


Join us in showing your support.

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