Turkey’s latest tourist attraction – a beautiful cliffside mosque

The Kirklar Masjid, located 3,200 meters above sea level in Turkey’s Black Sea region, is now a major tourist destination, according to news reports.


Kirklar Masjid. Photo courtesy of Turkey Tourism

Built on a rock surrounded by cliffs in the picturesque Soganli Mountains between the Bayburt and Trabzon provinces, the mosque offers tourists a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city plus majestic mountain views and spiritual rejuvenation.

Interior of Kirklar Masjid. Photo courtesy of Turkey Tourism

“It was an incredible view and experience. One has to see it to understand,” one visitor remarked in the mosque’s guestbook, quoted by Daily Sabah. “This must be the most beautiful place on earth,” another visitor wrote.

The mosque often appears to be floating on the clouds, which is a visual treat for the tourists. The mountain is inaccessible to cars, so visitors must walk all the way through the rocky ways to the mosque.

The building also houses bedrooms and a kitchen for those wanting to spend the night there, Daily Sabah reported.

Kirklar Masjid. Photo courtesy of Turkey Tourism

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