The three dangers of losing faith in Islam

Lost and Confused Signpost1. Losing perspective of reality; to see that what we have is everything, material wealth is the be all and end all of life and not realise that this is only a brief moment in history.
2. Loss of morality; as characterised by individualism; this is placing the human being at the centre stage of everything when people feel there is no need for empathy, kindness, forgiveness and patience, a liberal attitude to human behaviour.
3. Blind faith in science and technology; this is the notion that science and technology will eventually solve and cure all human problems.

Science is rediscovering some of the realities and facts that the Muslims have always been familiar with since the middle ages. Similarly the Social sciences and humanities are rediscovering some of the perennial truths that the Quran has taught for 1400 years.

Three gifts for our times that will save us from losing faith in Islam:

1. Spiritual discipline not a quick fix
The world of fast food, fast cars, flickering screens and self gratification at our fingertips is a hallmark of our age. It is important to help young people to see beyond this and develop spiritual discipline. This is a long process. It takes time and begins with learning  and spending time in the mosque with the right company and staying away from all the distractions but somebody has to do this and provide this.

2. Relationships and mentoring
Ours is a society that is mentor hungry, people are hungry of authentic, significant and mature relationships. We must help people to relate lovingly to one another through God.

3. Putting faith in Islam
How do you view the current financial problems? The world is driven by greed, by this notion that you can be a master of the universe since you know how to shift few numbers and to sell toxic products and the borrower can the fooled to buy more toxic products. It’s a chain of greed. It’s astonishing because people are suffering and those that are were never at the high table in the first place. They were not responsible for constructing these bizarre deals some of which are mind blowing. All are being dragged down by it and that is utterly tragic. The financial devastation caused by the European technocrats. This is mind numbing crass materialism. So don’t be greedy!

A story’s told of a dog walking across a bridge with a bone in his mouth. When he looked down into the river and saw his reflection, he thought it was another dog with a bigger bone. So he jumped in to get it-and drowned. Human greed destroys dignity and sanity, making us miserly and selfish.

May Allah protect us from the evil around us and give us the ability to stand up against it.


Dr Musharraf Hussain, OBE

Chief Executive of Karima Institute


Note: The views expressed are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect that of ImamsOnline.

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