Event: The Muslim Extremist with Imam Suhaib Webb

The Muslim Extremist: The Enemy Within – Imam Suhaib Webb

The Most Important Conference to Attend, What and Who is the problem? Evening with Imam Suhaib Webb (USA)

What is extremism? Have Muslims created extremism or have we just misunderstood the classical texts and interpreted them in an incorrect manner?

Muslims of today are confused and scared. Faith seems to be a source of confusion rather than clarification in these heightened and challenging times. Culture, societal and textual challenges only seem to clash with our very existence. Our clothing, identity and ritual practices continually are at odds with western society. So where are we going wrong?

It’s time to address these key issues! Join the world renowned and inspirational Imam Suhaib Webb (USA) as he discusses and debates The Muslim Extremist: The Enemy Within.

As this free event is expected to be sold out, book your free seats via the link below!


London: Wednesday 28th September @ Institute of Education (WC1H 0AL)
Leeds: Thursday 29th September (Venue Details on Registration)




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