The Humble Hummingbird

The fire blazed in the forest, forcing all animals to abandon. The little hummingbird flies into the heart of the fire at full blaze, carrying as much water as her tiny beak could contain, in an attempt to distinguish the fire.

The other animals look on from the outskirts of the forest, bewildered by the actions of the little hummingbird. There is no hope; the fire has engulfed the forest, destroying all in its fury. What madness possesses the little bird, what can it hope to achieve?

Undeterred she continues. She’s making the best effort that she can possibly make in saving her environment. She rushes back and forth between the pool of water and the raging fire, a few drops in contention with goliath.

The animals once bewildered by their opponent, now inspired by grit, courage and determination, join the humble hummingbird to distinguish the fire.

In call to Prophethood, Messengers of God were often isolated, shunned by their tribes and communities. With vision and understanding of their call, they were undeterred in the face of enmity and extreme hostility. Nor were they deterred by the rejection and betrayal of their own, their beloved.

Many companions of the Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon them all) were openly persecuted for their faith, dragged through hot sands in the unforgiving heat of the mid-day sun. Their conviction did not allow them to give up their proclamation of the Oneness of God.

For those who follow in the footsteps of those who passed before, calling to the Oneness of God, the path is not easy. It is riddled with difficulties. In earnest, we offer our humble contribution, however small or seemingly insignificant, with constancy and perseverance in order to extinguish the blazing ferocity of evil in all its forms.

Ustadha Naima Umme Ubaydullah,

Al Lahun Ul Qur’an

10 Safar 1436 / 2nd December 2014

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