Second Hague Mosque closes over coronavirus outbreak

The as-Soennah mosque in The Hague decided to temporarily cease all its activities, including online activities, due to an outbreak of the coronavirus in the Muslim community in the city. Over the weekend, the Al Madinah Mosque in the city did the same after at least 21 members of the community tested positive for the coronavirus, including an elderly member who succumbed to the disease.

In a statement, the as-Soennah mosque said it was startled by the infections, Omroep West reports. “We heard through various channels that, despite some adhering to the RIVM measures, dozens of visitors to various mosques have become infected with the coronavirus. There is even a death to mourn.”

The mosque therefore decided to halt all its activities, including online prayers, the online Friday sermon, and online lectures, for the the time being. “We are doing this to protect our imams, prayer caller and our media team and to prevent potential spread.”

Source: NL Times

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