Ramadan as the perfect time for interfaith

Last month was difficult for people across the world, the world was shook at the attack at the Mosque in Christchurch, and attacks that followed across the UK.

But in light of all this, the unity demonstrated was awe inspiring. We saw members of all faiths show solidarity with the Muslim community, and Muslim community open their doors for more interfaith events.

We are a month away from Ramadan, the holiest month of the year for Muslims, in which we do not only fast and pray but attempt to increase our good deeds, while thinking of others. Mosques open their doors to Muslims for Iftars, but also to non-Muslims to experience the iftar atmosphere.

Interfaith activities aid strong, unified communities resilient to hatred. Imam Qari Asim, senior editor of Imams Online says, “Not only my faith, but all faiths, teach us compassion, mercy, and love. As well as a fundamental belief of living together in harmony, welcoming and treating with respect those who may not share our background or experiences.”

May interfaith activities continue to build strong harmonious communities, Ramadan is a perfect time to offer food to neighbours or friends who may never have experienced Ramadan before.

We encourage Mosques to sign up to our MosqueIftar register, here http://mosqueiftar.com/ and follow the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MyRamadanExperience/ for pictures and news of mosques across the country opening their doors to the public.

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