Rabbi and Imam bond in tandem

Jews and Muslims teamed up on tandem bikes to protest growing anti-Semitic and Islamophobic violence. It comes amid ongoing concerns over migration and the rise of Germany’s nationalist AfD party.

The ‘Meet2Respect’ cycle attracted approximately 150 people, including 50 religious representatives who shared 25 tandem bicycles in a show of unity against anti- Semetic and anti-Muslim violence. A rabbi, and imam and a Christian pastor rode in a rickshaw together.


Together, they cycled from Berlin’s Holocaust memorial on a route that saw them pass synagogues and mosques. It ended at Bebelplatz square, the site where Nazi’s burned some 200,000 books in 1933.

“We, the imams and rabbis, should lead by example,” Ender Cetin, a Berlin imam, said.

Rabbi Elias Dray, who rode a tandem bike with Cetin, added that it was crucial not to allow the populists to split society.

Alongside the rise of the populist, anti-migrant AfD party, which managed to garner 12.6 percent of the vote in last year’s national elections, Germany has seen a rise in attacks against Muslims and Jews.


Sources: https://www.dw.com/en/rabbis-imams-in-berlin-bike-ride-against-anti-semitism-islamophobia/a-44378540


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