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Asma asked 4 years ago

As salamu alaikum,
I have a number of questions regarding women going out and their rights.

  1. There’s an ayah that commands women to stay home except for necessties. What are those necessties? Work, university, going out with female friends, etc.?
  2. A women is allowed to leave the house with the husband’s permission. Does that mean everytime i wanna leave the house i have to call my husband? Or is it something you establish and don’t need to constantly ask (as in if he told you he approves of you going places which he is okay with like work, university, the mall, the supermarket, etc.)
  3. Is it just/fair for a man to confine his wife at home? Allah gave us women our rights and the psychological and physical damage of being confined in a house forever seems unfair. How can one convice their partner that it’s unjust?
  4. Can a women work in a mixed area as long as she only speaks to male for necessary work? (there’s no casual conversation only work business)
  5. If you’re not married do you need your mahram’s approval to leave the house?

Please try providing any evidence in hadiths, ayahs, logical explanations, etc.
I follow the shafi’i maddah if that info is needed to for some rulings.
Thank you very much in advance. Jazaak Allah Khayr.