Why can't i get married?

Why can't i get married?Category: RelationshipsWhy can't i get married?
J asked 5 years ago

I am a 27 year old female, I have been making dua for 11 years to marry.  Yes I had the intention to marry from a young age. I did everything I possibly could, I pray tahajjud every day, I made dua before breaking my fast in Ramadan, I increased my charity, i made dua before maghrib everything scenario you can think of I made dua in. My family also began searching for potential spouses for the last 7 months I mean we told everyone including matchmakers and every single proposal has been a no. My siblings were blessed to marry the first proposal that came for them, they have been blessed with marriage, academia,  great jobs. My life has been a struggle I’ve had to struggle to get the job I want. I feel like I’m being punished,  here I am making constant duas and having not even the remotest inkling whether marriage will happen for me and I’m having to watch everyone around me get married and have children.  Pressure from society too, I’ve gone into great depression. What am I doing wrong? Why are my duas being ignored? 11 years,  and nothing. Everyone says they are searching for me, every proposal is a no. Why am I being punished to watch those around me be blessed with what I have been asking for so long? What is wrong with me?