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Wanting to marry but not being able to – FaithCategory: RelationshipsWanting to marry but not being able to – Faith
Lisete Marcos asked 8 years ago

Assalam aleikum,
I am posting here a question as it seems, to me, one of my last options to solve my problems. I am a new muslim, from Portugal, 20yrs old, and i am in love with a boy, muslim, from Pakistan. We have been talking for almost 2 years. This boy, who is 24 years old, came to talk to me on an online chat long time ago with the interest of sharing this beautiful religion that i ended up loving and reverting to. But, as we would talk and talk about religious topics, we also started getting to know each other and ended up in love. From 1 and half year we are in this long distance relashionship, and even we never met each other personally, we are willing to marry since the beggining of all.
Unfortunatly, none of us has money to travel and marry. I am a student in the university and im in the middle of my course at the moment, and many times i proposed to give up on the course and use the money, that my family saved for university, and use it instead to go to pakistan and marry and make it all halal.
He is now working but due to his father’s business failure and loosing all savings, his salary is now to support his 2 brothers and one sister and parents.
Then, I was almost having enough money for the trip. But my father became very sick and was diagnosed with heart problems and is now paying huge bills for medicines, so as he is unemployed from years and lost all his savings to the bank, as my parents built a home, he can’t afford any doctor bills, so i am the one giving him some of my savings that i receive from family members.
We both are saving so we can marry the sooner from this year and half, but there seems to be always a problem appearing that makes us loose all and restart from zero.
Our will to marry is huge but we came up with all possible solutions and all failed. We both talk to each other daily and, even we both know it is not good to talk, as we are not married, we both also know it feels impossible to stop talking until marriage.
My question is that what can we do to at least use these talks for our good? What can we take from this haram relationship that can benefit our deeds? How can we make our faith stronger and having more patience, as we often are forced to miss salah due to work or classes?
I would really be very thankful if anyone could help by saying a word of advice. I feel like i am bringing no good to his life and i am very worried as i know i want him to be my future husband IA