Hashim asked 4 years ago

Salamu aleikum. Iam a 27 year old male living in Sweden and im healthy in general in mind and body Alhamdulilah. I hope to get my question Answered inshaAllah. Yesterday in the morning right after i prayed fajr i heard A voice saying allahu akbar right after i was sending my salams to the angels on my shouldes. And there was literellly just me there no imagination or anything. I heard it clearly ” allahu akbar” and subhanallah i got chocked and i got chills. But after that i didnt really think much bout it. But as i woke up Today i been thinking bout a lot. And my questions is that what could it be? A shajtan? And to be clear i never in my life experienced something where I hear voices. Like I said im healthy and no mental issues alhamduliah.