Verse Explanation: Surat al-Hajj ayat 53

Verse Explanation: Surat al-Hajj ayat 53Category: ReligionVerse Explanation: Surat al-Hajj ayat 53
Muhammad asked 4 years ago

Salaam! I’ve recently come across a verse in Surat al-Hajj ayat 53 essentially talking about how Allah SWT makes shaytaan a trial for those with a disease in their hearts, and hardened hearts.
Before reading this however, I was reading an article by Ibn Taymiyah about diseases of the heart, in which he described a diseased heart, but I’m not too sure if it applies to me as it’s making me worry as I genuinely want to stay on the straight path and don’t want to fall.
This has essentially caused some sort of Shubuhat/doubtful matter in my chest where I feel these dirty thoughts about Allah SWT not wanting us to stay on the straight path essentially, and I know it’s just shaytaan giving me these thoughts, but I just really want an answer that will give me chest ease and be able to put my full trust and tawakul in Allah SWT without having these terrible thoughts that keep coming back at me (an answer that would be able to put my chest at ease by the will of Allah SWT) so I would genuinely appreciate it heavily if one were able to explain the meaning of this ayat in comparison as well I guess to what Ibn Taymiyah described as someone with a diseased heart (someone who has faith and love for Allah SWT in their heart but also has love for some carnal desires, (which I to be very honest do not honestly feel too much anyway where I would rather be with Allah SWT then anything/anyone in this worldly life, however my Iman has became somewhat weaker as I haven’t properly cared for it and my heart as it should’ve I guess), and he describing there’s a sickness and illness that makes it ill and dirty Subhanallah).
I would just really love an explanation to this as I know Allah SWT never wants us to give up and doesn’t want us in Jahannam, and even from the article read from Ibn Taymiyah, it’s clear that people would read it to strive to have a heart with more light and softened and life, but I know it sound somewhat strange but Shaytaan keeps making me feel like giving up and wants me to lose hope in Allah AWJ, even though I know Allah AWJ does not want me to anyway and wants our hearts to become soft anyway, so please would there be anyone who would be able to breakdown this discomfort I’m feeling and genuinely analyze it in a way that will give all of us peace in our chests by the will of Allah AWJ, and it would be much appreciated if anyone could kill these doubts and uncertainties.
Jazakallahu Khairun 
Sorry if this might be somewhat in depth but I genuinely feel some discomfort and don’t want my iman to get weaker and become more less in my heart from a silly question that was planted in my head and would really appreciate it if anyone could help with this.