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Soban asked 4 years ago

A Christian woman (truly christian, not a surface level christian, divorced) expresses a sexual interest in a
Muslim man.
The Muslim man tells her that the only way they can be intimate with each other is if they
have a Nikah agreement. The Christian woman accepts that and agrees to enter into a Nikah
The Muslim man then goes about organizing a Nikah which takes place as below:
Given the lockdown situation; the Nikah is conducted over a
Video conference call. Through
the video link the participants and 2 practicing Muslim male witnesses can all clearly see and
hear each other.
The proposal of Nikah(Eijab) is made by the Man and accepted (Qabool) by the Woman in
English, a Mahr is also agreed in English, followed by a simple prayer in Arabic. An Arabic
khutba was not made.
However, as the Woman is older than the Man and also because he comes from a very
conservative family, he chooses not to make this Nikah public.
Only the two male muslim witnesses know about it.
After consummating the Nikah, the Man is struck by significant guilt that what he has done is
Sinful and potentially the Nikah was not valid.
1-Was the Nikah that took place in the above circumstances valid?
2-If it is valid, is there an obligation for a Man to inform his family of his Nikah?
3-Is there any Sin in continuing this Nikah or should it be terminated?