Unsure when to start fasting+ menstruation

Unsure when to start fasting+ menstruationCategory: WomenUnsure when to start fasting+ menstruation
Iman asked 4 years ago

Salam, I have a bit of an issue when it comes to stopping fasting for Ramadan when on period and starting again. You see for the first 3 days of my period, it’s pretty obviously a period so I’m clear on the fact I am not to fast. After that it starts to stop and start and I get brown discharge, but overall I’m still confident. The last two days of my period though, are a bit of an issue for me. What will happen is on the second last day for example, or third last day, I will get some very faint blood, a very small amount. Then I will get nothing- I wipe and get nothing. A while afterwards (when I found nothing) I get brown discharge. Then for the next two last   days of my cycle I get nothing, or very very faint residue of brown discharge,then a while later I find brown discharge, then a while after that there is nothing again and so on. Basically my “period” stops and starts, but it’s not blood coming down but brown discharge. My question is, can I eat and drink when brown discharge is coming down, as I am aware that when your period stops or ends, and after that if you see brown discharge, it is not considered to be apart of your period are you are to pray or fast etc. However I have brown discharge coming down on and off throughout the day, and it makes it difficult to decide whether to fast the next day, as I’ll check before going to to bed, find nothing, but I know that brown discharge will start coming down the next day so I don’t make the intention to fast. However I don’t even know if this brown discharge counts as my period or not? On the fith day of my “period” this Ramadan, I saw blood, then brown discharge was pretty continuous so I didn’t fast (as the discharge came after the blood so I considered it apart of my period). But then it would stop and start- that there was brown discharge, but it would come and go, eg sometimes there would be nothing, then sometimes brown discharge. However I knew my period wasn’t done so on I didn’t have the intention to fast on day six. On day six in the morning I had nothing, no blood or anything, no discharge nothing, and then a while later I would get brown discharge. I don’t know if that my period is considered to have stopped then as I had nothing, and as brown discharge that comes after a period stops isn’t considered to be apart of the period. I did however get a bit of blood later on  so I considered my period to have started again and I got brown discharge after, and I considered that as part of my period as the discharged came after I got the blood. I had brown discharge pretty continuously throughout the day on day six after that. However after that I had no blood. Before I went to bed on day six I checked and found brown discharge, I checked again and found nothing. I wasn’t sure whether to fast or not the next day (today) as technically I had found nothing before bed( which Indictates period stopped)    but I knew that I would Have more brown discharge today (day 7) which I did- I woke up and saw nothing, but later on in the day today I found brown discharge. My question is, can I eat and drink during this brown discharge, or is not considered a part of my period as most of the time I have nothing coming down- signifying period stopped and then I get it, and the process repeats- I have nothing then brown discharge and so on and so on. I don’t know it it’s considered a part of my period ( since it comes and goes throughout the day) or not since there was nothing before it, and then it came down. I don’t know if my period is considered to be ended as I saw nothing, then brown discharge which is considered to not be apart of period after period ends.

Thank you.