Unhappy marriage

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Sara Aziz asked 5 years ago

I have been married for 7 months to my husband. I am in the wrong in many ways as i was on the fence about whether or not i should marry my husband from the beginning. No one forced me and it was a decision of my own but i felt i had to get married because of was the last child to marry and i am a girl, no one has ever pressured me to get married but that pressure was created in my own mind so against my better judgment i got married to my now husband. In the first 2 months i was happy but still had unsure feelings in my head. 7 months later i have very unhappy, i am severly depressed and can not stand being around my husband even though he is a good man. He loves me and respects my family but i dont know why i just dont feel anything for him, i have zero love towards this man and we havent slept together in 2 months because i can not bare the thought of being touched by him. I do everything to avoid being around him and now i feel as though my feelings are growing into contempt against him. i have spoken to my mum and she was very angry at me and said she will set the house on fire with me in it if i ask for a divorce. but it is all i think of and want . i am in bed all the time i dont do anything because i am so depressed. i dont know what to do please help me.