Unhappy marriage

Unhappy marriageUnhappy marriage
Umaymah asked 5 years ago

In Ramadan my husband was only going for taraweeh namaaz to the mosque. He wouldn’t pray ANY of his other namaaz in the day not at home or the mosque. I found it was more of a social event he would eat and hurry off to use the bathroom and go for namaaz leaving me with all of the cleaning after and sorting the kids out to put them to bed. Now Ramadan has finished he has started this new thing where again he doesn’t pray any of his namaaz but come evening he goes off with his friend to pray esha. Again I am at home with all the rest of the stuff that needs to be done and the kids to sort out. Alhamdulillah one namaaz is better than none and I get that but he doesn’t seem to understand where I am coming from. When I have told him this he has got angry and said I am stupid he is doing good even if it is just one namaaz.