Uncontrollable laughter during prayer

Uncontrollable laughter during prayerCategory: ReligionUncontrollable laughter during prayer
Ibrahim asked 7 years ago

Al salamu alaykom wa rahmatulahi wa baraktoh
I’m currently going through some hardship while praying. During Salat, Iaugh, but no loud noise gets emitted, it only interrupts my recitation, making me stop reciting. If I want to continue reciting, I wouldn’t be able to, it will break immediately. Again, the laugh doesn’t have a loud noise, the act of suppressing it ruins my recitation. I convince myself that I’m performing Salat and communicating with Allah the one and only, and try not to avoid the thoughts that make me laugh, but fail at doing so.
Proper guidance and rulings to solve my problem would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.