Toxic non Muslim parents and family

Toxic non Muslim parents and familyCategory: RelationshipsToxic non Muslim parents and family
Basma asked 4 years ago

I am a recent revert to Islam. I am strong in my belief and I am quite independent from my family. I’ve lived on my own for three years now. Both of my parents consider themselves Christian but they are not very religious. My mother has been an alcoholic my entire life, she cheated on my father continuously and would verbally abuse us both most of my life. I love her and I’ve forgiven her. However she still tries to push into my life and act as though she’s never done any wrong and doesn’t see the damage her alcoholism has done and continues to do to me and our family. Communication with her usually results in heartache and problems for us both. My dad is more supportive and caring to me but he comes to me with his complaints and problems yet doesn’t do very much to solve them himself which weighs very heavy on my heart. I am very thankful for and loving to my parents and I do my best to help them but it creates a lot of problems within myself and my marriage because it is an overall toxic relationship between us all. I am stuck in a position where I feel guilty if I were to cut communication with them however I think it would be best for my mental and spiritual well being. Any advice or guidance for which steps I may take would be appreciated in Shaa Allah