The Pursuit of Peace

The Pursuit of PeaceCategory: QuestionsThe Pursuit of Peace
Jordan asked 7 years ago

I’m not Islamic, but have an interest in the Islamic faith, and I am writing a report on Islam’s involvement in the pursuit of peace in contemporary society, and have a few questions.

  1. The term ‘Jihad’ is often misunderstood by westerners. What is your understanding of the term ‘Jihad’, and what does it mean to you?
  2. Islam is one of the largest world religions. Do you believe that peace is taught to the majority of Muslim people?
  3. Generally, adherents of a faith will follow a particular religious scholar’s exegesis. If this is the case for you, whose exegesis do you follow?
  4. Although the Holy Qu’ran is considered the immutable word of Allah, do you believe that certain passages should be read metaphorically, or are all of the texts interpreted literally?

I would appreciate it greatly if you could assist me with this, and I wish you all the best.