talking with a girl before marriage

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fashith musliyarakam asked 7 years ago

I’m a 26 year old Muslim guy. I met a muslim girl from another country through a pen friends site about 10 months ago. We fell in love and we want to get married as soon as possible. Our families know about this. Her family  is not objecting to this. They want to meet me and proceed after that. But we are still chatting and talking to each other over Internet. Since we met each other, we influenced one another in our dheen. we became more careful as a muslim. We are more God conscious, doing more ibaadaths, learning more about dheen everyday and so on. We are Fasting , reading quran so much, helping others to know about islam and doing more and more everyday in order please Allah. We pray so much and ask forgiveness everyday about this.  We know it is not permissible to chat or talk with each other before marriage. But we cannot refrain ourselves from stopping it As we are living far away in different countries. My question is, what we are supposed to do now. Will Allah accept our dua’as to become halal for each other?. Will Allah accept our ibaadaths while keeping on doing this mistake?. I’m fasting almost everyday these days, reading quran so much everyday. Will Allah accept it and forgive us. Do we get his mercy in our life after marriage?