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Hope asked 5 years ago
  1. My husband has been talking to another woman in a different county for more than 9 months 
  2. I had no idea of his mischievous plans 
  3. he has very distant and was never close to me
  4. when I found out I gave him a choice and told him I would walk away and leave him every thing 
  5. he chose to stay and work things out
  6. but he says he is not sorry he was talking to someone else and feels entitled almost 
  7. fyi: I live in Canada so there is no law here would permit him marrying another woman 
  8. my dilemma is how could he do this for 9 months while sharing a bed with me and then tell me it’s my right and sees nothing wrong with it  
  9. i am starting to hate Islam cuz I am never ever justified for the name of Islam 
  10. how is this fair