Talaq or khula and waiting period

Talaq or khula and waiting periodCategory: RelationshipsTalaq or khula and waiting period
Anonymous question asked 4 years ago

My husband threatened me with “Talaq” one night and I told him to go ahead. He said it once and then I told him to say it again, he did and then at least one more. Meaning, it was at least said thrice and although slightly upset, he was aware of what he was doing. My questions are
1) does this count as one divorce or three?
2) if it counts as only one, can I concurrently ask for khula by filing for divorce?
3) would this then be considered khula or Talaq? Meaning what trumps – him saying Talaq first or me petitioning for divorce?
4) if it is khula – then what is the Iddah period? Meaning 3 menstrual cycles or the 1? 
I ask because I plan on filing and my Iddah just started. I have no desire to reconcile any longer as the problems have been ongoing for years.  I just don’t know whether it is khula or Talaq for purposes of Iddah and procedure.