Muhammad nasir asked 5 years ago

Salam,brother i said incomplete words to my wife as a taalaq twice first,i did not mention my full name or her full name,and we got rajoh after 2 , 3 days,then something happen again in june 2019,she provoke me too much as abusing my mother and to me ,shouted at me to leave home and ask for taalaq in anger i control myself nd said to her talaaq is not joke plz stop,and i left room for foknf work,i close the door,when j was outside she abuse my mother so loudly through the window,which make me so angry i was out of my sense i came back said twice again this time said my full name her name with words poray hosh o hawas but actualy i was not in hosh o hawas so plz brother help me amd guide me what we need to do is it taalaq done or not,or what is way to save my family as we got small son 2 years old,in that day we were all alone in room only me and my wife.jazakAllah khair.plz help us.