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Anosha Khan asked 4 years ago

Assalam u alaikum, may Allah be pleased with you!
My question and concern is regarding Surah Nisa verse 20 and 21. My father has recently been remarried for the third time (my mother passed away seven years ago, the second marriage didn’t work). Now my father, as much as it hurts me, has gifted his third wife a piece of jewelry that he gave to my mother as a gift on their wedding. I recently came across the above-mentioned verses which literally translate to “If you desire to replace a wife with another and you have given the former ˹even˺ a stack of gold ˹as a dowry˺, do not take any of it back. Would you ˹still˺ take it unjustly and very sinfully?” and “And how could you take it back after having enjoyed each other intimately and she has taken from you a firm commitment?”. Now that my mother’s gone, does the context still apply here? I was really hurt when I found out that my father took what was my mom’s and gave it to his other wife. Did my father commit a sin? If yes then who should he give it (the jewelry piece) back to?
Hoping to get a response from you at the earliest.