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Haris Alam asked 5 years ago

Hi there,I am currently struggling a lot with my life and I need some advice. I am 16 in the UK and have been suffering from suicide thoughts, it has been very hard over the past few years to deal with them. I have exams and my parents want me to try too hard on them, till the point where I am unable to work anymore and have to cry myself to sleep some nights. They are also pretty much forcing me to be a doctor which I don’t want to be.As well as that I feel like I am socially awkward, a loner and struggle to make friends; I am in a area which is heavily white and I struggle as many of my potential friends are non-Muslim and commit many wrongdoings which would be considered haram such as premarital intercourse which I don’t want to be doing at my age. Even if I met a girl which I like my parents would definitely not approve of her as she probably isn’t going to be Muslim even if I didn’t commit any sins with her. Whenever I face my struggles I keep on comparing myself to the trouble free life which they are having, which I know is wrong but I can’t help it.I can’t keep this up for much longer (even though I have many suicidal thoughts I will not take the action only because I know it is haram). Thanks for reading this and inshallah you and Allah will help guide me along the right path. (If you have any advice please feel free to tell me)