Sudden negative energy change in my house

Sudden negative energy change in my houseCategory: ReligionSudden negative energy change in my house
Tara asked 5 years ago

Assalam-u alaikum. I’m 21, I’m facing a sudden change of atmosphere in my house. I don’t have any siblings its just me and my parents. With the most slightest bits of disagreement they have a disastrous argument, where one and another physically assault eachother and have the most nastiest things to say, nauzubillah. I have never seen such change in them, since for past 1.5 years now. I feel like there’s some kind of nazar or magic done in this house upon us. As saitan MAKES the smallest little debates to a disgusting situation where i am getting paranoid by and its mentally drowning me seeing my parents behaving like this. I need someone to check my house or a guidance where i can do certain things to make my house pure and safe again. I also witnessed whenever i start to pray and my parents btw pray everyday 5* alhamdullilah. But whenever i start to pray a weird energy arises in the house, and its from saitan itself i can tell. How do I handle this situation or how do i get things back to normal? PLEASE I BEG FOR GUIDANCE AND I BEG FOR HELP!!!! 
Ameen Summah Ameen.