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Nadia Mohammad asked 4 years ago

Question: Assalam o alaikum. My question is about studying in a mixed school. I am currently attending a school where their is mixing of males and females. I heard it is not allowed in islam to study in a mixed school because of fitna everywhere. I have tried my best to convince my parents that i do not want to study in that mixed school but they refused and I am finding difficulty in lowering my gaze, i tried my best to do so, i heard that if you can’t lower your gaze such as outside of home then you should try to avoid that place as much as you can but i cannot avoid that, i am unable to do so as my parents are forcing me to study, i feel far away from Allah when i go to mixed environment and for your information, there is no school of girls only that i can get into. Please help me what should i do? I will be looking forward for your response. Assalam o alaikum