Student Loan and Zakat + Qurbani?

Student Loan and Zakat + Qurbani?Category: FinanceStudent Loan and Zakat + Qurbani?
Arda asked 4 years ago

I’m a Dutch muslim student and I have a question regarding Zakat and Qurbani (Eid). In the Netherlands, we can borrow money from the government while we are studying, for now it has 0% interest. However, I have to pay it all back when I’m done studying. Paying back will be monthly, and depends on your income. Is it obligatory for me to pay Zakat and/or Qurbani? 
I would be very thankful if someone could clear this up… It seems a little contradictory paying Zakat and Qurbani with money that you all have to pay back to the government in the end.
Thank you for your time,