Spouses Responsibility of student loans

Spouses Responsibility of student loansCategory: FinanceSpouses Responsibility of student loans
Khaled asked 5 years ago

I understand that it is the obligation for the husband to provide for the family. And that my earnings are my shared with my wife and my wife’s earnings are hers. 
After my wife and I got married my wife left for med school out of state. This was her decision for her to pursue a life long goal of becoming a doctor. I have supported her through out the whole process of med school and residency. The support has been financially, spiritually and mentally. To say that it has been a long journey has been an understatement. 
Alhumdulillah my wife has completed the steps to become a doctor but no longer would like to pursue this career full time.  My question is – is it the husband’s responsibility now to ensure his wife’s student loans are paid back? 
While I’m supportive of my wife in whatever life choice she decides I alone can not afford to cover the family expenses and payback her med school loans. I’ve expressed to my wife to work full time until we can pay those loans off and stop incurring very large interest expenses.  She’s noted that it is my responsibility to ensure the loans are repaid and she’s okay with slowly paying them down over a long period of time. 
1) I know interest is haram – Am I also incurring sins from my wife’s outstanding student loans?
2) is it my responsibility as the husband to pay back my wife’s student loans?
3) id like to go on Hajj; will my Hajj count if we have this large unpaid balance of student loans?
Thank you