Sister in law

Ashliegh Greener asked 4 years ago

My sister in laws son has been showing my autistic son, porn really bad things on his I pad. I am the only person to see what they did. we asked him about it and he lied and said no he didn’t show my son, and then said it was my son. we also found out that when he took him out to play he pushed my son to punch and kick and bully other kids. He came in the house crying and frustrated when they hurt and ganged up on him. We were completely unaware of this situation until now. The bullying had been going on for years, but my son has no friends and didn’t want us to be upset with his cousin. My husband asked kids in the street who play with him and they confirmed it. We brought the problem up with my husbands sister and they defended him and said he doesn’t know English, so there’s no way he has been showing him things like that on the internet. And more or less said it’s was our son. They have never spoken about it since. Now it’s eid and my husband wants to go to her house and act like nothing is wrong and I cannot. We have one child who is autistic and I am very protective with him. I do not want any of us to go because I feel like we are condoning it, my husband keeps saying it’s me that has the problem because it’s haram to leave his sister. Surly the Islam is not to condone and let anyone treat a person like this and say it’s fine. Please can you advise me.