Single girl working for her family

Single girl working for her familyCategory: WomenSingle girl working for her family
Anum Parveiz asked 5 years ago

I belong to a family of Pakistani culture, I have 3 brothers younger then me, I am 26 years old..
I wanted to get marry to a boy who I chose for myself 4 years back. My mom refused to him just because I knew that boy. Any how I managed to make this relationship official by having an engagement but things still were not going good not between both of us but between our family specially mine.. I am working also and my mom have never gave me my atm card all my money has been taken by her since last 8 years, I have never complained thinking that it is my job to serve my family. I sacrificed my studies, my career my wishes everything for them, now when it’s time that my marriage is next year and my fiance is in Germany and for me to go there I need to have 8000 euros in my back account as my Inlaws also can’t afford this amount for me and my fiancee they said to my family that let them do for me and they will do for them.. But my parents said no, it was my dream to have a grand wedding but my parents said no they don’t have money to do that, my parents have never brought anything for me as a saving not even a single gold set.. But my money was used just to let my brother go for their well education. My marriage got postponed with the fact that my fiancee is not working but I had enough in these 5 years so I took a huge stand and said no i need to marry now enough.. Now when I am convincing my parents to arrange that money for me and not to use my money just this year as they can their son to do that, oh yes my brother is working well but he does not give money in the house just at times when my money is not enough my parents ask him.. They don’t ask him money bcz he need to go to a foreign country to make his future..
Hereby my question is just one is it my job to serve my parents?? What if I be rude and selfish and ask them to give me my card will it be against Islam? Or Islam gives me the permission to fight for my right?? Do I have this right???
It would be great if you can reply me soon..
I am really in a serious problem..
Thank you