Sinful Muslim ?

Sinful Muslim ?Category: ReligionSinful Muslim ?
daniel Ishak asked 5 years ago

I have been battling with this question for a long time. I am youthful American Muslim I was born into Islam. I use to be very religious praying daily reading the English version of the Quran. As I grew older and became friends with Christian’s I started to sin drinking , smoking , fornicate and even started not fasting during the holy month I understand this is not the ideal lifestyle for Muslims but I have a question in regards of Mecca. In the Quran it states that if you make your pilgrimage your sins will be wiped away. I have fellow Muslim Americans who are now the only people I hang out with but they too live a life of sin who also believe that once they make one with Islam will travel and start new. This seems far fetched due to the fact that allah knows all and allah knows this will the all mighty grant paradise to them? Please respond thank you .