Should I tell the truth

Should I tell the truthCategory: RelationshipsShould I tell the truth
Hawa asked 7 years ago

When I was a kid (4 or 5 years old ) I was sexually assulted by a person from my familly (a cousin ) he did not rape me (he just made me do things and did things , hut that area is still untouched , I’m still a vigin ) Now I’m ungaged to a wonderfull man (I feel like he could understand if I told him ) I want to tell him what happend to me because guilt is killing me I don’t want to hide things from him , and i feel like the base of a good relationship is honesty , but no one knows this exept for my mother , and I live somewhere this kind of things is a crime and people would judge me because of it . So that’s why I’m asking you should I tell him the truth ? (Keep in mind that the person who did that to me is a member of my familly and he would be invited to the wedding even if I refuse because my dad will invite him and he doesn’t know )