Should I quit my job or not

Should I quit my job or notCategory: FinanceShould I quit my job or not
Ashab Ahmed asked 5 years ago

I have been working in limousine company that is contracted by major 5 star hotels in the city to offer chauffeur services to their guests. Alhamdulilah, since last year I have started to focus on my deen and practice my deen more and more. I am to the point that by the mercy of ALLAH I am able to pray 5 times a day no problem. I am learning more about the deen and learning more about the Qu’ran. That’s why am I struggling these days since something inside of me is telling I can’t be working in this company but I am not sure. This company is owned by Muslim which am I somewhat related to. All of the management and accounting heads and main dispatchers are Muslim as well. However, a lot of the dealings and business transaction are seemingly haram. For instance, sometimes we have to provide champagne for limousine rides upon request which we charge extra for. The company acquires loans and is debt. Since it’s debt and even though the business is thriving and we getting a lot of business the company can’t pay the drivers and office staff on time and usually delays until 4-5 days later. Often times the company will lie and say checks didn’t come through the mail but they have and we just don’t give them since there is no money in the bank yet. There is also bribery in the sense that when we want to get an account we would reach out to the general manager or the person that can get us the contact and give them “gifts” and promises of free rides and straight up cash. Much more stuff going on, I know for a fact that the company cuts corners to avoid certain fees and tax evasion as well. I’m sure this all means this is haram for me and i should quit. But I can’t get another right job and I am lost on how to get a job in field. I have a master’s degree in Criminal justice and I am currently in the process of getting a job from the government but the background investigation is taking really long. My mother doesnt work and cannot work at this age. My father had lung cancer which he doesn’t anymore but he still very sick and he can’t breathe sometimes due his surgery and he is missing part of his lung. Even then he still has to work 3-4 days a week so we can make ends meet. My sister is in graduate school and I help her pay for that through this job. So all things considered, should I quit right away? Sorry for the very long email, I just wanted to provide all the details.
Jazāk Allāhu Khayran