Should I burn my Taweez (Amulet)?

Should I burn my Taweez (Amulet)?Category: ReligionShould I burn my Taweez (Amulet)?
Diana asked 4 years ago

Hi Assalum Alekum everybody. I have this sort of amulet made out of clothe instead of the typical material like leather for a Taweez (me and my brothers have this) and I am not sure should I destroy it or not. It is not a any amulet you buy, it was given from my mother’s brother’s wife’s father. When he was alive he was an Imam in my mother’s country. He wrote this amulets for goodluck or a safe and happy life. However I recently discovered that Taweez are haram, they may contain black magic and be associated with other entities. I am a Sunni Muslim and I beleive that there is one God that is Allah and that Muhammed was his prophet. However in that country there is a very small amount of people who not only practice black magic but there are Shia muslims and even Sufis that pray to other entities besides Allah. I recenlty went to that country a couple years ago for vacation and to visit family. On our way to visiting my relatives on my mom’s side we diecided to stop by her sister in law’s family’s hosue were her father used to live before her death and now her mother, brother and his wife and kids live there. I have seen many muslim hosueholds with Islamic decorations wirtten in Arabic but no faces of any kind to represent anyone. I went to their house and what I notice by these Islamic decorations was this paiting of a man written in Arabic dressed in anicent/old style middle eastern clothing seem to be carrying the quran(I think) portraying to be prophet Muhammed. I think they might be Shia or Sufis (Hidden or not). I heard that prophet Muhammed had no statue or paiting of himself because he did not want people to worship him. It might be idolatry I dont know but now I am scared and dont seem to trust the Taweez me and my brothers have. Do you think I must burn it if so please tell me how?