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Mortaza asked 4 years ago

assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. May Allah bless and have mercy on you. My name is Mortaza I am 15 and I come from an Islamic background with Afghan parents. My father is a Shia and my mother is a Sunni and alhamdulilah I have seen the truths from each side. Alhamdulilah growing up and even now I have been blessed with having the ability to get knowledge from many sources such as the internet and even locals masjids but thought this journey you could say, I have gotten confused because I am looking at Sunni sources and hadiths etc. And at the same time Shia sources aswell and I come across sort of a dilemma which is now choosing what “sect” I should follow. When I was younger I always had this mindset of keeping both sects and combining the two instead of division but I am more wiser now and I can see why that can’t be but I am mostly confused on why there seems to be truth in both sects and all we can really do is choose which we follow for example let’s say 2 narrations in Hadith link up on the same topics but have different narrations in Shiism then Sunnism or vise vsrsa what would we do then? Questions in my mind just start forming like Will Allah punish me if I follow Shiism and the twelve imams? Will Allah punish me if I follow ahlulsunnah? Will Allah punish me for following something different that I wasn’t supposed to do? If you could please give me a solution or an answer that would be very helpful thank you.