Shaytan and humans

Shaytan and humansCategory: ReligionShaytan and humans
Majd asked 4 years ago

Asalamu alikum hope you’re all well. I have a couple of questions that I can’t really seem to find an answer to. My first question is that are shaytan and bad jinns two completely different things? And since jinns have free will can a non muslim jinn who commuted evil acts convert into Islam and become a Muslim? I heard that shayatin lack free will so it’s a bit conflicting in that sense as I’m not sure if shaytan and bad jinns are the same. My second question which links to that question is that if shaytan is different to jinn can shaytan appear in human form? My third question is can humans be shayatin too or can that only be referred to their actions? 

Thank you so much!