shall-i-marry-my-relatives-girl-to-keep-my-late-moms-promise-or-do-i-need-to-marry-my-friend-who-said-she-cant-live-without-meCategory: Questionsshall-i-marry-my-relatives-girl-to-keep-my-late-moms-promise-or-do-i-need-to-marry-my-friend-who-said-she-cant-live-without-me
Mohamed asked 3 years ago

My self Mohamed  27 yr old from the Asian continent. I am looking to find a solution to my problem through Islam. I am in a situation where I need to choose one girl between two. At the age of 18, for my marriage, My mom has chosen a girl(Nuri) from my family. I like Nuri. After a few years, my mom diagnosed with cancer and Nuri\’s father helped us a lot in that situation. we are very glad and thankful to him always and ever. After my mother expired, I met a girl Yasmeen. our friendship turned into love. To not get my relation matured with Yasmeen,  I said I have a girl whom I am going to marry as my mom promised earlier. Yasmeen said that she can\’t leave without me and she need me. I tried to explain but she is not convinced. she is fine for becoming my second wife. So, I married my friend and later my family members came to know that I married my friend. All my family members are angry with me and said I bluffed them and couldn\’t keep up my mom\’s promise. Honestly, I don\’t want to bluff anyone or harm. No one from my family is accepting my marriage. what i can do in this situation.