shall I go for Nikah or not

shall I go for Nikah or notCategory: Relationshipsshall I go for Nikah or not
Muzaffar Ahmed asked 7 years ago

Please and please take some time to read this as it is the question of life
I would like to have your suggestion on the issue. I reside in a village and I belong to a middle class farmer family. She lives in a town area with a mixed life style between a village and town. I myself went to see the girl. I was told by her far relative in our village that the girl is virtuous. I myself wanted to see the girl. We met at her paternal uncle’s home. When she came inside, she was accompanied by her maternal cousin (lady). I was served a tea there. After finishing the tea, her paternal cousin told me that she likes to introduce her name to me and she told me that her real name is Masarat and in the same breath her cousin told me that we call her Fancy at home then her cousin left the room. Then we interacted for few minutes. I asked her regarding her family, education and I also told her about myself, my family and my education and I was like an open book about myself which I feel I should have been. I swear by almighty Allah that I accepted the proposal on certain bases such as
1) She is virtuous: Which was the deciding factor for choosing her
2) Her Name: I liked her name as Masrat
 Then we got engaged after two weeks or so. After few months, I wanted her to apply for some competitive exams, I asked her to send me her documents. When I received her documents, to my surprise her name was mentioned as Fancy on her documents and I asked her about her name she herself confirmed that I was told that her real name as Masrat. I asked her why I was told a lie at that time she told me that her close cousin does not know about her real name and she told me reverse is true ( i.e she is being called by Masrat at Home and her real name is Fancy). Then I asked her why she did not correct her cousin at the meeting time she did not answer and I asked her how is it possible that your cousin told that your being called Fancy and you are telling that you are being called Masrat at Home ?, How is it possible as there are two versions. It appeared fishy to me and now I doubt her character and every other thing because to my belief one who will lie even about her name  at the most important point of time in her life is not worth to be made as life partner. I told my family to break the engagement but they are reluctant. Even the date for the marriage is fixed which is at the end of October this year, just less than 2 months away. But I am not interested in this relationship. In this connection I seek your advice, please and please take me out of this frustration by your knowledge and guidance