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Fahim Jahangir asked 7 years ago

Dear Sir,
I Hope you are doing well !!!!
I am writing you regarding to gemstone advice, that I am seeking from your end. Although, I have checked it via few of the online references and friends. But I feel that being a doctor and a religious scholar, you are the right person to guide me in this concern. As busy personality like you, I felt that drafting an email would be the best option for me to reach you.
Furthermore, Information in my context I would like to share, right now I am working in Dubai  find the below mentioned details about me in order to analyze more.
Name : Fahim Jahangir Shah
DOB: 20-03-1986
Time: 4pm
Place of Birth: MuzaffarGarh – Pakistan
Mother’ Name: Nusrat Parveen
That will be a great help if could get a respond from you end. As few of lucky stones already recommended to me are EMYTHIST and YELLOW SPHIRE
Please also recommend which Day, Time and Metal I should wear it. If you require more information, please let us know.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Fahim Jahangir Shah