Second marriage in islam

Second marriage in islamCategory: RelationshipsSecond marriage in islam
Sonia asked 4 years ago

assalamualaikum, I recently got married to my husband (6 months) and we are both muslims. We live with in laws and there is really no problem living in a joint family with me. However, its been a couple of months and my husband is really pushing me to allow him to marry another women for no valid reason. He is stating that he wants to have kids with me and spend 5 days a week with me and to only be with this other women for 1 to 2 days only. I understand he does not need my permission however his own family including his parents are against this. Can he still processed or he needs his parents permission at least? Your response is highly appreciated, I am aware he is already speaking to multiple women behind my back. Please advise me of my rights in islam.