Abdul Rehman asked 4 years ago

Asalamalykoum sheikh I have a few questions regarding prayers:
1) how to pray witr (can you please tell step by step, rakats, and dua qunoot?
2) also similar to above question whether the hanafi way of witr is allowed?? What if you pray taraweeh at hanafi mosque can you pray that way? Because they pray witr like maghrib and do takbeer because dua qunoot??
3) when entering mosque and after wudu can we pray tasteful wudu and tahyatul masjid separately? Or do we have to make the intention of both?
4) how many rakats can we pray for tahajjud and can we pray tahajjud 10 min before fajr?
5) can we pray Surahs in the last two rakats of salah if praying 4 rakat fard of zuhr?
6) is salatul awabeen authentic? Or what can we pray after maghrib? There is a hadith that we can pray many nafl? So what intention (niyyah) should we make? And how many rakats can we pray?
7) I have missed many salahs in my life even after tawhah? So do i have to pray all of them how?
8) my last question can we use soaps and facial creams/lotions containing alcohol? Especially when fasting in ramadan?
JazakAllah sheikh please answer all my questions. They are very important for me.