Ruqya and other concerns

Ruqya and other concernsCategory: ReligionRuqya and other concerns
Ayan asked 4 years ago

I am writing to you because my mom and I are having a disagreement about ruqyah. I have read that ruqyah is better performed on ones self and it’s better to not be asked for. However, my mother tells me ruqyah is okay to be asked for. She also has come to believe that if one is falling asleep during a ruqyah or the reading of the quran that something is wrong with them. She has come to believe this due to a sheikh she has been speaking to and putting trust in him. I do not see how this is correct at all. Another issue is that I do not like this sheikh. He has people traveling from different places to come to him for him to perform ruqyah on them and squirt zamzam water on them. In turn they often give him money for this. I don’t see how this is okay especially if he is doing this for his duty to god. I do not like this. He also seems to know when something is wrong with my mom and gives her a call and asks what was going on with her or why she’s upset. She has come to believe he has a special connection/qema with Allah so he knows what is going on. I see that as shirk because I dont think anyone truly knows except Allah (SWT). Can you please address these issues. Thank you so much. JAK