Ruling on fantasy football

Ruling on fantasy footballCategory: ReligionRuling on fantasy football
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

As-salamu alaykum
I would like to reach out to you about a challenge we are facing in our community.
I have noticed a lot of men (young and middle aged), playing fantasy football.
When I first heard about fantasy football I thought it was a harmless tournament between friends. When I did some research I realized that fantasy football was very popular because participants played with money. The final winner wins a hefty jackpot. Anyway, I would like your views and advice on this subject. Is fantasy football haram? Is playing with money considered Maisar? Isn’t it one of the kabaer (big sins)? What should one do when a wife advises her spouse not to play and he insists it’s not haram because it’s just a tournament. Please I need your scholarly advice.