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Dayyan asked 4 years ago

I was eating my food and I heard my grandfather tell off my mother as to why he hasn’t received his food until now. My mother has misunderstood what he had said and had thought he wants food later, but despite her telling him this, he still rampaged on and started saying he doesn’t want the food no more. I took the initiative to go to him as I saw wrong happening and am obliged to do something about it. I spoke to him calmly and carefully tried to explain to him that it is not my mothers fardh to serve him food and if she is doing it then it is done as a “Nafl/Zakat” act, thus he has no right to tell her off as she is just trying to help him out. Due to culture, my grandfather had deemed it is his right to be served by my mother, and so he took this to heart and as an attack to his knowledge. This caused an issue amongst the family and I had to say sorry to which I don’t understand why.
The few questions I have are: Please include references wherever even slightly possible

  • Is it my mothers fardh to serve her father in law?
  • Did I do anything wrong by trying to explain to him? Considering Islam does acknowledge that elderly is not always right and can also be wrong
  • Is there a better way I could have said it to him?
  • In Islam, am I not allowed to teach my elder something which he may not know?