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Sarah asked 4 years ago

Salamu alaikum.
Ramadan kareem.
I have two questions that I need help with, please.

  1. If I accepted student loans that have interest many years ago and I repent now to avoid all interest, will I be forgiven for all the riba generated by student loans over several years? It’ll take me years to pay them off entirely. Or does my repentance only cover interest from the past and not the future? My plan is to prioritize paying off student loans as soon as possible to minimize interest amount. I accepted the unnecessary loans when I went through a rough time and my iman was weak.
  2. Many companies claim new polish polymer formulas are halal because water and oxygen are still able to come into contact with the nail bed. My dad asked me about it. But I said if the company is lying, my duaas and prayers should still be accepted, right? I don’t have a lab at home to test the claims. But in the US, cosmetics and their claims are regulated. I believe them in good faith. Wouldn’t that mean Allah will still accept my prayers and fasting if the company lied?

I’d appreciate your help and time. Jazakullahi khairan.