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Juan Alberto Montoya asked 4 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum,
My name is Juan Montoya and I wanted to write you for advice on reverting to Islam.
I came to know more about Islam through a woman friend of mine, whom I wanted to be more serious with romantically but our religious differences kept us from that. With time, I became more intrigued to learn about Islam as I uncovered truths that I didn’t know before, and came to realizing a lot of things that were closer to home and aligned well with who I identified myself as than I would have expected.
Being raised Catholic, I grew up with a slightly different set of beliefs. As I grew up, I became detached from the notion of being so strictly aligned to that religion, and as I continued to mature I became more and more fluid religiously and added notions and ideologies from different religions and cultures and evolved as a person within that dynamic.
However, I took an introductory class to Islam last semester, purchased a Qur’an, and continued to learn about Islam, spiritually and educationally. A lot of concepts and teachings feel innate to me, but I find myself being hesitant to fully align myself and revert because I didn’t know how to measure my readiness.
I feel pretty in tune emotionally, spiritually and mentally but I am not sure if I’m ready to do my Shahada in fear of not having either done or aligned myself enough. Making that decision makes me feel like I would then need to adjust or refrain ways of being myself and compromise them for ways I think I should be acting. I would like to feel as if I am honoring Allah and the Muslim way of life to my most genuine capacity. I feel myself being hesitant sometimes because I don’t want to profess my alignment to Islam and Allah in this way and then not be true enough in the way I live beyond that.
What would you recommend to someone like me?
A follow up question would be, ritualistically speaking, how could I transition into practicing on a day to day basis? Should I already be practicing or should I have a gradual “ramp up” curve as far as how many times I pray/attend jummah/go halal/ etc?